Sauna Guide

For those, who are sauna users with routine and for those, who only want to get familiarized with its culture: we explain in our Sauna Handbook the most important information, furthermore we provide you with ideas, that the use of the sauna will not only be a pleasant amusement, but also a real experience!

Sauna has a well-known positive effect on the body. It stimulates the blood circulation, has a detoxifying effect, strengthens the immune system and purifies the skin. You have to take time for the sauna use itself, as well as for the following relaxing, hydration and refilling of your body with vitamins. You should not be in hurry and rush – abandon yourself to the full relaxation!

Important information to have a smooth time in our sauna world:

The sauna world of the spa is a textile-free zone, so the sauna cabins may also be used without bathing suits only with a sauna sheet. To do so, we of course provide sauna sheets against the payment of 1000 HUF deposit (to be paid in Hungarian Forint and cash). The replacement of the sheet costs 300 HUF.
In the sauna – with the exception of the sanitary facilities – the areas for men and women are not separated.
Children below 14 years are not allowed to use the sauna world.

Steps of sauna use:

  1. Have a shower: remove all the contamination from your skin then dry your skin, because the water on the body surface may prevent further sweating and evaporation.
  2. Chose a cabin: in the sauna world of Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa® you may select from ten cabin types. Always chose such one, which has an appropriate temperature for you. For beginners we suggest our infra cabin or the aroma sauna, and for experienced sauna users the Finnish forest sauna, the steam cabin or the devil’s sauna with 100 °C.
  3. Take a seat: you may enter the sauna cabin barefoot without slippers only, furthermore put off your jewellery and glasses as well. If there are seats on more levels in the sauna, chose the appropriate one for you. The temperature is relatively moderate on the lower seats, while it can be very hot on the highest seats. A sheet or a sauna towel must be placed below the entire body surface, which comes into contact with the sauna seat during sauna use. Take yourself ease: lie down or enjoy the sauna steam in a sitting position.
  4. Leave the cabin: take a shower after 10-15 minutes of sauna stay, then use the immersion pool or the ice cabin. Always take a rest after cooling down and hydrate your body with still mineral water, juices with 100% fruit content, herbal or fruit tea. Before re-entering the sauna cabin, it is recommended to relax for 25 minutes.

What you should avoid in any case:

Do not consume alcohol during sauna use!
Smoking is forbidden in the entire area of the sauna world!
It is forbidden to eat in the cabins, pools and in the vicinity of these!
If you are ill, do not use the sauna: you endanger not only your own, but also others’ health!
Use the time for qualitative relaxation – switch off your mobile phone! Enjoy the silence and do not disturb others in relaxation

About the sauna séances:

A sauna séance is an approximately 15 minutes long program, in he course of which the sauna master of the spa pours clear water mixed with essential oils on the stones of the heated sauna oven. He stirs up the rising hot steam with the help of a towel or a sauna fan with different spectacular movements in the cabin. The sauna masters often use background music and various creams during the programs, so the séance is a real physical-mental rejuvenation for the guests.

The attendance fee for the sauna ceremony costs 500 HUF. You can apply for the séance at the sauna reception latest 15 minutes before the start of the séance. The sauna séances take place in case of the application of at least 3 persons.

Sauna séances

We wish you a pleasant relaxation!