Sauna Guide

Zones for men and women are not separated in the sauna.

Saunas may only be used without swimsuit, using towel or sheet.

It is forbidden to take away sauna towels from the sauna world.

We provide new sauna towel to our guests for 300 HUF, which can only be paid in HUF and cash.

Sauna séances may only be visited against payment.

Children until 14 years are not allowed to enter the sauna world.

Smoking is forbidden throughout the entire sauna world!

Sauna has a well-know positive effect on the organism. It stimulates the bloodstream, strengthens the immune system and clears the skin. You have to take enough time for spending in the sauna cabin and for the subsequent resting. To take a relaxed, intensive sauna, make at least 3-4 rounds in the cabin, which will last approximately one and a half hours. Always take a shower first to remove the dirt from your skin, then wipe your skin dry, because the remaining water on the body surface might prevent the skin from sweating and perspiration. If there are seats on more levels in the sauna cabin, chose the appropriate one! Lower positioned seats have lower temperature, while on the highest seats the temperature might be very high. Take a shower after 10-15 minutes, and enter the immersion pool afterwards. After cooling down always take a rest and refill the lost liquids by drinking still mineral water, 100% fruit juices, herb or fruit teas. Never drink alcohol when taking sauna!