Osteoporosis is a disease causing quantitative decrease and qualitative declension of the bone substance, which leads to increased bone fragility. The osteoporosis is an endemic, it affects millions of people in Europe. Fractures caused by osteoporosis occur mainly in the areas of the vertebras, joints and hips. In case of hip fractures only 25% of the patients recover their previous condition after the rehabilitation.

The decrease of the bone mass occurs in case of each person, the extent of the bone mass loss is significantly influenced by our lifestyle in addition to the genetic factors. The prevention and treatment of the disease is a complex task, its part is a dietary rich in Calcium, an adequate supply of Vitamin D, a training program for the preservation of the bone and muscle mass and the improvement of the co-ordination, furthermore the balneo-physiotherapy for the relief of the joint and muscle pains, as well as the relaxation.

The Osteoporosis Program of Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa® is an overall program, which contains the aforementioned elements enabling the prevention of the osteoporosis disease, the preservation of the bone mass, the prevention of the consecutive fractures, as well as the treatment of the locomotor system problems caused by osteoporosis. The guest participating in the program gets familiarized with the characteristics of the illness, obtains information about the possibilities and methods of the prevention and treatment and learns the personalized training program. It is important, that first of all a two- or three-week cure is recommended, where the basic therapy program is complemented with enchanting spa treatments intensifying the therapeutic effect.