Osteoporosis Program

The Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa® Medical Wellness will open soon! An overall program focusing on the prevention and the treatment of osteoporosis will start from the autumn onwards in Bükfürdő. We await our guests, who would like to heal with the supervision of our professional experts and with complex treatments in our Medical Wellness Centre!

Programs specialised for osteoporosis

The Osteoporosis Program of Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa® enables the prevention of the osteoporosis illness, the preservation of the bone mass, the prevention of the consequential fractures and the treatment of the locomotor system diseases caused by osteoporosis. The guest participating in the program gets familiarized with the characteristics of the illness, obtains information about the possibilities and methods of the prevention and treatment and learns the personalized training program. The balneo-physiotherapy treatments relieving the complaints of the locomotor system and the stress-relieving therapies ensuring the physical, spiritual and mental harmony offer a special spa pleasure in addition to the well-doing effect.

One speciality and unique opportunity in the newly opened centre in Bükfürdő is, that the DEXA examination, i.e. the determination of the bone thickness may be performed in house. This kind of examination may warn of the danger of the osteoporosis, before it would cause severe symptoms, so the necessary treatments may be started in time preventing the more serious problems of the locomotor system. We can provide the examination on site for the guests participating in the Osteoporosis Program of Bükfürdő, so it is not necessary to attend at a specialist practice at the hospital in advance.