Wellness treatments

Wellness massages

Honey massage (30 minutes)

Due to its pain easing, muscle relaxing, immune strengthening and purifying effects it is one of the most popular ancient massages. Its special value is attributable to the high sugar, enzyme, vitamin and mineral content of honey. It helps with the healing of pain in the neck, shoulders and back, rheumatism and joint problems, chronic headaches, exhaustion and indigestion, in addition to its skin beautifying effects.

Cleopatra massage (30 minutes)

Everybody knows Cleopatra, the ancient Egyptian queen famous for her beauty and fair skin. She and the other famous beauties of the age devoted a lot of care to body treatment and guarded the recipes of their miraculous cosmetics like secrets. The mixture containing honey, cream and essential oil is rich in natural minerals, trace elements and vitamins, which ensure the harmony of body and soul. The Cleopatra massage has a gentle cleansing, relaxing and nourishing effect, making the skin young and smooth. It is recommended mainly to female visitors.

Peeling and massage with chocolate (30 minutes)

Chocolate is generally known and loved by most, the value of which is provided by its cocoa content. The products used for treatment are doubly beneficial. Firstly, chocolate has an impact on the skin. Secondly, its energizing and revitalizing effects are essential. From the very beginning of the treatment, the chocolate absorbed through the skin causes the release of happy hormones (endorphin), while the ingredients rich in vitamins, phosphorus, potassium and manganese renew the skin, making it softer and more supple.

Anti-cellulit massage (30 minutes)

Figure forming massage, during which the fat cells in the connective tissues under the skin are loosened with a hard rubbing massage. It has an invigorating effect on blood and lymphatic circulation, improving the metabolic processes of cells, and the flexibility and tightness of skin. It is recommended as a cure. However, it is not recommended over the age of 60 or in case of varicose veins.
Refreshing foot massage with grape seed oil (30 minutes)
This massage is good refreshment for tired feet. It has a pleasant refreshing effect on the sole and the whole foot. The valuable substances of grape seed oil regenerate tissues and moisturise dry skin.

Pampering aroma massage (30 minutes)

The whole body massage with body-soul-mind refreshing, stress releasing, relaxing effects is complemented with aroma oils or their combinations which – entering the organism through the skin – increase the relaxing, vitalising and refreshing effects of the massage.

Face-head-shoulder massage (30 minutes)

During this session a refreshing massage is applied on the back of the head, the neck and the upper part of the back, and then on the whole face, forehead and the areas around the nose, eyes and ears. The combined treatment of the two areas helps loosening tights muscles in the body.

Vitalizing massage (30 minutes)

This massage has a vitalizing and tightening effect, enhancing flexibility and loosening muscle tissues. It is recommended for those suffering from constant pain in the neck, shoulders and back due to sedentary jobs. At the end of the treatment a special technique is used for stretching and loosening muscles.

Refreshing massage with Emu oil (30 minutes)

Emu oil was used by the Australian aboriginals to heal muscular pains a thousand years ago. It can be used for the treatment of rheumatic conditions, muscle cramps, sports injuries and strains.

Regenerating massage with Aloe Vera (30 minutes)

Aloe Vera is a natural healing and beautifying plant. It has always been appreciated as a natural ointment. Aloe Vera penetrates the skin four times faster than water, and contains more than 200 active components. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes, and it is most effective in preventing the ageing of skin. The treatment applied with aloe massage oil ensures general wellbeing, while nourishing and regenerating the skin.

Wellness-sports massage (30 minutes)

Massage performed with intensive hand movements refreshing the back and the muscles tired of work. This more intensive massage is ideal for relieving muscle pains resulting from poor posture. It has an immediate effect, refreshing the muscles and ensuring general wellbeing.

Foot reflex massage (30 minutes)

It is a method applied in alternative medicine during which the reflex points on the feet are pressed with a special massage technique. It mobilizes the self-healing process of the body normalizing the energy proportions, relieving stress and optimizing blood circulation, the nervous system and the release of toxins.

Exotic massages

Lomi lomi massage (30 minutes) (60 minutes)

This caressing massage, traditionally performed by Hawaiian healers, treats the body as a hole creating perfect harmony. During the massage the rocking movements imitate the waves of the sea, and the lengthwise constant gentle movements reaching the muscles help mental, emotional and physical relaxation. The masseur treats the joints and muscles with pleasant movements, loosening the joints in the shoulders, knees, hips and ankles, while in addition to the classic massage grips also working with the forearms and elbows. The lomi lomi massage relieves stress and has a long-term depression and pain easing effect which helps the flow of life energy. The shorter 30 minute lomi lomi massage is recommended in case of weaker physical condition.

Ayurvedic massage (30 minutes) (60 minutes)

This massage is performed with the hands using heated aroma oils and herbal powders. The easy and careful movements relax the muscles, ease the pain and enhance circulation, along with outstanding effect on lymphatic circulation.

Lava stone massage (30 minutes) (60 minutes)

The treatment is based on a special massage technique during which the effect is further enhanced by using smooth polished volcanic stones heated in water to a temperature of 50-60 °C. The treatment improves blood and lymphatic circulation, warms the body, relaxes muscles and relieves stress in addition to its purifying effect.

Bamboo massage (30 minutes)

It is an exclusive massage, during which real coconut oil and bamboo sticks of specific sizes for each part of the body are used for optimal pressure. Coconut oil regenerates, nourishes and heals the skin, therefore this massage has a number of positive effects both medicinally and cosmetically. The bamboo massage releases energy blocks in the body, stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, relieves muscle tension and back pain.

Salt cabin (30 minutes)

Natural salt offers a traditional medicinal therapy based on over a hundred years of experience. Therapy in our salt cabin with a capacity of two persons is recommended for the following:

  • General cleansing of the respiratory system
  • Relieving cold symptoms, strengthening the immune system
  • Additional treatment for respiratory diseases (croup, asthma, bronchitis, coughs, allergy)
  • Relieving the harmful effects of polluted urban air
  • Reducing the harmful effects of smoking (naturally not as a replacement for non-smoking).

Kinesiology tape

This technique involves a special plaster, sticky on one side with specially woven fabric on the other. The tape is elastic, which is very important as it is able to actively and dynamically support the specific part of the body without fixing it. It is based on the idea that by continuously stimulating receptors through the skin over a period of several days the tape enhances the activating and self-healing processes of the body.

Combined massages

  • Pampering massage + Refreshing foot massage (60 min.)
  • Wellness-sports massage + Refreshing foot massage (60 min.)
  • Face-head-shoulder massage + Refreshing foot massage (60 min.)
  • Refreshing back massage  + Refreshing foot massage (60 min.)