Useful information

within 15 minutes: free
beyond 15 minutes: 1500 HUF

For the wristband necessary for leaving and returning please ask at the cashier desk.

In order to prevent infections you will have to take a shower every time before entering the pools.

Massage should always be used after bathing. As a result of massage treatment blood and lymphatic circulation improves and a purification process begins. For this our body needs energy. The detoxification process can be enhanced by enough fluid intake, such as still mineral water, grape fruit, herbal tea, while a proper rest ensures the relaxation of the body.

Young children are more sensitive to various infections because their immune system is still developing. They have lower resistance to more intensive impulses, such as a 40 °C bath. This would burden resistance more and cause stronger reactions than in adults. Children like to splash about and dive under water, thus inevitably swallowing some water, which would be also harmful. They would be unable to keep precise bathing times and would be tempted to stay in the warm water for longer periods, which would be an additional burden. In addition, children enjoy moving and jumping in water, and the intensive movements would be rather tiring, especially in warm water.

According to Decree No. 37/1996 (X. 18.) NM no children under the age of 14 are permitted to use the medicinal pools.

When starting a medicinal spa treatment a so-called spa reaction may occur with intensified joint pains and potentially poor general state. If a patient uses medicinal waters for bathing more frequently and for longer periods than recommended by the specialist spa exhaustion may occur. In that case it would be useless, or even harmful to continue the treatment. Therefore, a rest should follow each bathing session.