Underwater massage with water flow (tangentor) (10 minutes)

During this type of hydrotherapeutic treatment massage is applied with water flow in a tub filled with hot water. It is recommended in case of locomotor diseases and accident and surgery aftercare in order to strengthen muscles and improve blood circulation.

Bubble bath (10 minutes)

The advantage of this therapy is that it can be applied even in cases where underwater massage is not recommended (sever varicose veins, advanced heart and lung disease).

Electric bath (10 minutes)

During this therapy the beneficial effects of electricity and hydrotherapy are used. The treatment eases pains, expands blood vessels, improves circulation and reduces inflammation.

Weight bath (15 minutes)

During this treatment, using gravitation affecting the body, the spinal column and the hips may be pulled under water. Due to the effect of the lengthwise stretching the vertebral disks will be relieved, band and muscle shrinkage reduced and muscle cramps eased.

Parafango (15 minutes)

It is a mixture of volcanic mud and paraffin which fits well the form of the treated body part at a temperature of 41-42°C and is also easy to remove. During the treatment the mixture is placed on the painful body part and then covered with a sheet and a blanket. It is recommended as a follow-up treatment of chronic spinal and limb joint inflammations, injuries and operations.

Medicinal pack (60 minutes)

This pack contains 10-12 different ingredients having known inflammation soothing, pain easing and calming effects. The painful body part is anointed and then covered with foil and a blanket.

Individual remedial gymnastics (dry) (20 minutes)
Group remedial gymnastics (underwater) (20 minutes)
McKenzie remedial gymnastics (20 minutes)

Remedial gymnastics are a special form of movement therapy that uses exercise to restore the functions of the ailing body parts or organs, always considering the whole body. The aim is to restore and correct movement and other functions, such as blood circulation, breathing and nervous functions. It is a specific treatment that cannot be replaced with any other type of physiotherapy.

Laser therapy (15 minutes)

During this treatment pain easing, muscle relaxing and inflammation reducing effects can be achieved by using low-power laser beams. It stimulates healing processes and improves the immune system. The treatment has no side effects, and is painless.

Ultrasound therapy (15 minutes)

With the help of a crystal the device transforms electric energy into mechanic energy. The duration of treatment depends on the treated body part, usually taking 5-9 minutes as determined by the doctor. The ultrasonic waves press and ease the connective tissues. As a result of this movement heat is generated. The blood vessels expand and circulation improves. The treatment loosens muscles and the connective tissues, and the resulting mechanic effects exert micromassage on the body.

Electrotherapy (15 minutes)

Electrotherapy is the use of electric energy for the purpose of therapy, during which low and middle frequency treatments are applied. The following treatments are available for our guests: galvanic current treatment, iontophoresis, interference current treatment, selective stimuli current treatment, TENS.

Medicinal massage (15 minutes)

A partial massage applied as a cure for treating the ailing and painful body parts with the special hand movements of Swedish massage.

Lymphatic drainage (30 minutes)

During the treatment the gentle manual massage technique applied on the connective tissues facilitates lymphatic delivery without increasing its production. It is recommended in case of oedemas and after surgeries.