Soft-Pack® treatments

Algae mask in Soft-Pack® wellness bed

Enjoy the feeling of weightlessness! We apply the mud or algae mask to the skin of the guest lying on the water bed for the body mask treatment, then the active ingredients get into the deepest skin layers “floating” in the well-doing warm hug of the mask. The algae mask rich in calcium facilitates the physical regeneration, while you may also experience the spiritual refreshment while floating on the bed.


Mask with Alpine mud from Leopoldskroner in Soft-Pack® wellness bed

The relaxation in the Soft-Pack® wellness bed may be completed not only with algae mask, but also with mud. The famous Alpine mud of Leopoldskroner has a pain relieving and muscle relaxing effect, so the well-doing effect of the mud getting into your skin may be facilitated while floating in the warmth of the water bed.