Sauna Seance

Meditation séance

Séance held in Finnish sauna at 85 ºC, accompanied with mild, melodic music.

Honey séance

Honeysweet pampering treatment of skin with acacia honey, with moisturizing and anti-wrinkle effect leaving the skin smooth afterwards.

Vitamin séance

Séance performed with fruit fragrances, the loss of fluid and minerals replaced with 100% fruit juice afterwards.

Chocolate séance

Treatment with moisturizing cocoa butter and chocolate cream during séance.

Icy séance

Icy chill in the 85 ºC Finnish sauna, performed by the sauna master to cool the spirit.

Aromatic séance

A ceremony during which the sauna master creates a harmony of fragrances inside the cabin.

Algae cream séance

Séance during which high mineral content cream is applied on the skin for peeling and moisturizing.

Fruit séance

Special fragrances create the feeling of being in an orchard, followed by vitamin replenishment containing delicious fruits.

Beer séance

A smell of freshly baked bread enjoyed during the session, followed by refreshments of alcohol-free beer.

Salt and oil séance

Séance performed with herb oil containing Himalayan salt and aromatic oil pampering the skin.

Séance with lemon skin care

Séance with shea butter and lemon cream to provide skin care.

Apricot seed peeling

Séance performed with apricot seed peeling applied smoothly on skin with a delicious apricot fragrance.

Green tea séance

Due to its high antioxidant content green tea helps the process of detoxification. Following the session green tea is consumed.

Grape seed cream séance

Séance performed with grape seed cream skin care.