Sauna séances

Aromatic séance

A ceremony, during which the sauna master creates a harmony of fragrances inside the cabin.

Chocolate séance

Treatment with moisturizing cocoa butter and chocolate cream during séance.

Grape seed cream séance

Séance performed with grape seed cream skin care.

Honey séance

Honeysweet pampering treatment of the skin with acacia honey, with moisturizing and anti-wrinkle effect leaving the skin smooth afterwards.

Icy séance

Icy chill in the 85 ºC Finnish sauna, performed by the sauna master to cool the spirit.

Oriental enchantment

You can experience a fabulous oriental atmosphere in the sauna cabin with this pleasant woody, peppermint-rosemary aroma massage cream containing active ingredients like almond oil and vitamin E.

Peeling with algae

Séance, during which high mineral content cream is applied to the skin for peeling and moisturizing purposes.

Peeling with apricot seed

Séance performed with apricot seed peeling applied smoothly to the skin with a delicious apricot fragrance.

Peeling with brown sugar

Brown sugar gently removes the dead epithelial cells, so the skin will be much softer after the séance.

Peeling with coffee cream

Its high concentration of natural active ingredients promote cell metabolism, the delivery of excreta and toxins. It reduces undesirable fat storage in the problematic zones (abdomen, bottom, legs, hips), the symptoms of cellulite and the deposit of fat into the tissue.

Salt and oil séance

Séance performed with herb oil containing Himalayan salt and aromatic oil pampering the skin.

Skin nourishing with chestnut and orange oil

The cream excellently nourishes the skin with its shea butter and lanolin content. The chestnut extract has a slightly intensifying effect on the circulation. Its orange oil content has an antibacterial impact, it relaxes and energizes the body and optimizes the skin’s blood circulation.

Skin nourishing with citrus

Séance accompanied with citrus essential oils, where we offer a massage cream with shea butter to our guests.

Skin nourishing with jasmin and vanilla

Our massage cream with jasmine and vanilla oil nourishes the relaxation of body and soul during the sauna séance. It helps to regenerate the skin due to its high collagen content.

Skin nourishing with olive

During our intensive skin nourishing séance with olive we provide our guests with a massage cream with high content of active ingredients.

Skin nourishing with rosehip

The shea butter cream enriched with rose-hip extract offered during the séance is very rich in vitamin C and moisturizes the skin.