Relaxing Spa Packets

Spend a beautiful day in Bük Thermal & Spa in the spirit of wellness and relaxation! Our discounted packages include entrance tickets and also massages to provide endless pleasure.

Vital Day Extra

Would you like to gain positiv energy while resting in order to begin the weekdays easier? Choose our „Vital Day Extra” spa package which includes an entrance ticket in spa, and a 30-minute vitalizing massage. It has a stimulating and vitalizing effect, tightens the skin, improves elasticity and loosens tight muscles. The package is recommended for those who have neck, shoulder or back pain caused by sitting jobs, or who would like to relax. At the end of the treatment the muscles will be stretched and loosened by special techniques.

Services: 1 spa daily ticket + 1 vitalising massage (30 min.)
Price: 6 900 HUF

Relax Day

When choosing our „Relax Day” package, you recover not only physically and spiritually, but also mentally. It includes a „Supercombi” ticket which means that Sauna World is also available. Saunas are one of the best instruments for relaxation if we would like to reduce the daily stress. Afterwards you can also enjoy our 30-minute aroma massage, in that we use essential oils which enhance the vitalizing and refreshing effect of the massage.

Services: 1 spa daily ticket with sauna + 1 aroma massage (30 min.)
Price: 9 200 HUF

Wellness Day Extra for Couples

Break away from the treadmill of everyday life with your friend or girlfriend by choosing our „Wellness Day Extra for Couples” package. After purchasing the entrance ticket in the Medicinal Spa and Adventure Bath, you can try our famous medicinal water out and also the different medicinal pools. The day can be completed with a regenerative massage. The treatment applied with aloe massage oil ensures general wellbeing, while nourishing and regenerating the skin.

Services: 2 spa daily tickets + 2 regenerative massage (30 min.)
Price: 14 800 HUF

Relax in our spa! Bük Thermal & Spa is waiting for you!