Medical Wellness

The Medical Wellness department of Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa® has been renewed based on the fundamentals with several decades of experience of the bath therapy. Each detail implies quality and sends the message to you: be healthier, relax and recover! We have aligned the unique spa offer in Hungary with the high quality standard of the environment: we await your with special baths, relaxing massages, warmly covering masks and skin regenerating body treatments at the Medical Wellness department.

The smooth and relaxing vapour with the fine scent of the Alpine hay takes your senses to the crystal clear mountains. We have prepared high quality massage cream, mask and cosmetics from the well-known and beloved medicinal water of Bük, so we use their well-doing effects in the course of the massages and therapies healing the body, spirit and soul as well. The traditional healing cures of Bükfürdő, which have proven their efficiency since decades, remain available on a standard higher, than ever. Our medical specialists have prepared a special program with the healing cures and the new spa treatments. The Osteoporosis Program of Bükfürdő reacts with a nature-friendly and overall lifestyle program to one of the endemics of today, to the osteoporosis, which offers a personalized solution without any medicines and pains for the relief of the existing symptoms and for their prevention.

Get familiarized with the offer of the Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa® Medical Wellness, and let Bükfürdő pamper your body and fill your soul!