E-charging station at the parking place of Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa®!

The station is a charger with alternate current, equipped with two type2 connectors and is suitable for providing two times 22 kW power.

Bükfürdő - Closer to You!

Since the 25th of October 2016 the handover of the M85-M86 express road Bükfürdő can be reached in 1 hour 45 minutes from Budapest.

How to reach Bükfürdő by car:

Leave the road M86 at Hegyfalu at exit 105, then continue towards Sopron for 13 km until Bükfürdő.

Bükfürdő is located 30 km from Szombathely, 46 km from Sopron and 20 km from Kőszeg, halfway between Vienna and Lake Balaton.
It is easily accessible by car from highway nr. 84.

We provide free parking possibility in Bükfürdő for our guests, which can be found in front of the summer entrance (entrance “D”).

The town of Bük can be reached by the Szombathely-Sopron railway line. Bükfürdő has a bus station serving long distance buses as well.


Veszprém: 153 km
Székesfehérvár: 171 km
Budapest: 230 km
Pécs: 338 km
Szeged: 370 km
Debrecen: 460 km