Purchase your entry ticket online!

Quickly, simply, without queueing!

Why do we recommend mobile payment?

With mobile payment you may purchase your entry ticket straight away, without queueing and without waiting at our main entrance. The entry ticket is immediately available, there is no lead time, there is no need for printing, it may be verified and tracked even later. The purchaser does not have any transaction costs or other costs. Therefore, you have to pay exactly the same amount as when you purchase it at our cashier desk.

How to pay?

Download the National Mobile Payment System application to your smart phone, select the ticket you want to buy, and you have to do nothing else but enjoy the advantages of quick and cash-free payment. It is sufficient to present the purchased entry tickets on the phone, there is nothing else to do, it may be immediately used and retrieved in the application.

What are the steps of purchasing?

1. Download the mobile application and register yourself!
2. Purchase your entry ticket in a simple and cash-free manner!
3. Show at one of our entrances the QR code you received on your phone!

Download the application now! Read in the appropriate QR code or find it in the application named "Nemzeti Mobilfizetési Rendszer".

The following entry tickets may be paid with the aid of this application:

- Adult bath daily ticket

- Student bath daily ticket

- Child bath daily ticket (0-6 years)

- Child bath daily ticket (6-14 years)

- Family bath daily ticket (2+1)

- Supplementary child ticket (6-14 years)

The entry tickets are valid for 30 days after their purchase!

Additional information is available on the website of Nemzeti Mobilfizetési Zrt.

A key to the payment solutions of the 21st century

With the aid of this application – in addition to your entry ticket - you may comfortably pay for your parking anywhere in the country, you may purchase motorway stickers and you may enjoy the continuously extended modern and comfortable solutions of Nemzeti Mobilfizetési Zrt.

If you have any comments concerning this mobile application, please turn to the colleagues of Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa® or of the Nemzeti Mobilfizetési Zrt. at phone number +36-36-889-889 or at the ugyfelszolgalat@nmzrt.hu e-mail address.