Gift Card

small card – BIG EXPERIENCE!

The plastic card can be filled up by own request with different amount of money (at least 5000 HUF), the purchaser can use the uploaded amount in several parts during one year from the ordering date.

Online card purchase

Order the Bükfürdő Gift Card now from our webshop!

Form of delivery

By post: The card will be delivered after the bank transfer as a registered letter. The delivery by post is free of charge.

Purchase by personnel

The Gift Card can be purchased at the information desks of Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa®. Only be paid in cash and in HUF.

Rules of the card usage

This card is a gift voucher, what can be used as a currency for one or more occasions until the amount on the card is fully used.

The card can be used for buying of the services and products of the Büki Gyógyfürdő Zrt. (except the services of the Thermal Campsite and the products of the supplier, which are located on the area of the Büki Gyógyfürdő Zrt.).

The card only contains value after the upload.

The card is without PIN code and it’s not registered.

The card can not be cancelled, it can be used by the all time holder.

The amount on the card can not be exchanged for cash, it doesn’t remunerate and it can not be used for buying another card. The amount, which is not used can not be exchanged for cash.

The gift card is valid until 1 year from the day of purchase (from the value upload).

The card can not be uploaded again.

Information about the value and the validity of the card can be gained at the information of the spa.

We can not recover the amount of the balance of the card, or replace it in case of loss, theft or damage.

The validity can be extended one time for 6 months before the expiry of the card.

The Büki Gyógyfürdő Zrt. doesn’t take any responsibility for unauthorized using or for abuse of the card.