Exterior & Interior Renovations of the Therapy

Large scale developments take place in Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa in 2019 too. The modernisation  of the building, in which therapies are given, starts in January and due to be finished by autumn 2019.

Important information for our guests: therapies will also be carried out during the renovation works. From 15th January 2019 the treatments will be provided in the building of the spa (approach from the old entrance „A”). On 14th January the therapy is closed. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

László Attila Boros, the CEO of the spa, presented the visual plans at a press conference.

László Attila Boros said, after the building was inaugurated in 1979, only a few parts were affected by minor changes. Since 2002, when a new storey was added, there were no extensive renovations. Consequently we would like to modernize not only the building, but also its equipments. Netto 408 million HUF is to be invested in renewing the facade of the building, which covers an area of app. 1050 m2: thermal insulation, exterior coverings, solar shading products and replacement of doors and windows. Inside (940 m2) an enlarged waiting room, new barrier-free plumbing units, new consulting rooms and independent treatment rooms will be provided.

László Attila Boros presents the new drafts of the therapy for the representatives of the press

Beside the modernization, a new concept will also be introduced into the life of the spa. The main focus is not only on the guests of the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary, but also on the markets of Western Europe. The uniqueness of the therapy will be characterized by the traditional healing methods and by the specialization too: their future plan is to be the biggest center in Hungary which specializes in osteoporosis. According to the CEO, all the necessary facilities are available for the Bükfürdő Osteoporosis Center: medicinial water, highly qualified doctors and medical experts; and after the modernization, a pleasant environment and modern equipments.