From 15 September 2019 you can book accommodation by email:


Off-peak season (04.11.2019-06.01.2020, 08.02.2020-11.04.2020)Peak season (12.04.2019-03.11.2019)
Pitch1 860 HUF

(ca. 5,9 Euro)
3 720 HUF

(ca. 11,8 Euro)
Adult’s personal fee (from 14 years)4 500 HUF/person

(ca. 14,3 Euro)
Children’s personal fee (6-14 years old)2 500 HUF/person

(ca. 7,9 Euro)
Children’s personal fee (under 6 years)100 HUF*/person(ca. 0,3 Euro)
Adult’s late check out fee (from 14 years)3 000 HUF/person(ca. 9,5 Euro)
Children’s late check out fee (6-14 years old)1 700 HUF/person(ca. 5,4 Euro)
Children’s late check out fee (under 6 years)100 HUF*/person(ca. 0,3 Euro)
Current (16A)950 HUF

(ca. 3,1 Euro)
Pet750 HUF/pet

(ca. 2,4 Euro)
Tourist tax over 18 years old500 HUF/person
(ca. 1,6 Euro)
*The amount can be redeemed by purchasing the own products of the spa.


Off-peak season (04.11.2019-06.01.2020, 08.02.2020-11.04.2020)Peak season (12.04.2019-03.11.2019)
Applies to the personal fee for adults and children with the valid ÖCC, CCI, DCC, CKE, ACSI camp club membership card10%
For the pitch prices between 8-14 nights10%
For the pitch prices from 15 nights20%10%

Caravan deposit (per caravan)

Off-peak season (04.11.2019-06.01.2020, 08.02.2020-11.04.2020)Peak season (12.04.2019-03.11.2019)
1-59 days800 HUF/day

(ca. 2,5 Euro)
3 720 HUF/day

(ca. 11,8 Euro)
from 60 days500 HUF/day

(ca. 1,6 Euro)
3 20 HUF/day

(ca. 11,8 Euro)
Annual pitch fee620 000 HUF

(ca. 1 970 Euro)
Valid for days, without personal stay.
Otherwise for the given period valid pitch fee is payable!

The price includes:

  • access several times a day to the Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa
  • free WIFI
  • 24 hour reception
  • use of the sports equipment
  • BBQ terrace, cooking in kettle and BBQ facilities

The prices in Euro are informative.
The prices are defined in HUF and already include the value added tax.
We reserve the right to change.
We are not responsible for typographical errors.
Valid: from 15. September 2019 until recalled.

Cures for campsite guests

1-week trial cure (medical check-up + 6 treatments)19 000 HUF
1-week preventive cure (medical check-up + 10 treatments)30 000 HUF
2-week complex cure (medical check-up + 19 treatments + 1 control examination)55 000 HUF
3-week traditional spa cure (medical check-up + 29 treatments + 2 control examinations)82 000 HUF


Bükfürdő Mobile Houses


Off-peak season (12.04.2019-14.06., 02.09.2019-03.11.2019)Peak season (15.06.2019-01.09.2019)
1 person20 550 HUF (63 Euro)*29 500 HUF (91 Euro)*
2 persons22 300 HUF (68 Euro)*31 250 HUF (96 Euro)*
3 persons24 050 HUF (74 Euro)*33 000 HUF (102 Euro)*
4 persons25 800 HUF (79 Euro)*34 750 HUF (107 Euro)*
5 persons27 550 HUF (84 Euro)*36 500 HUF (112 Euro)*
5+1 persons28 550 HUF (87 Euro)*337 500 HUF (115 Euro)*

*The prices in Euro are informative.

Minimums stay: 2 nights.

The prices above include the following services:

  • accommodation (max. 5+1 person)
  • spa daily ticket to the Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa (with the daily ticket you will be ensured for limitless entering during opening hours of the spa)
  • gas, electricity, hot and cold water
  • parking slot for 1 car right next to the house
  • free WiFi
  • bed linens

The above listed prices do not include the following services:

  • tourist tax (500 HUF/person/night, must be paid over the age of 18).
  • towels (rentable at the reception for a cost of 1000 HUF/piece)
  • 10 000 HUF cleaning service after leaving the mobile house (except if you would like to do the cleaning yourself), will be deducted from the caution money
  • air condition usage fee for a cost of 1 600 HUF/house/day
  • upon arrival need to be payed caution money (price: 15 000 HUF/house)

You need to bring with yourself:

Table clothes, dish towel and dish mop (or paper roll upon personal needs), detergents (dish soap etc.), napkins, toilet paper, toiletries, towels.

Modes of payment: cash (Hungarian Forint or Euro), bank card (except Amex)

(Payment in Euro: in Forint given daily rate is converted into Euro at the current rate on the day of payment.)

Cancellation: made at least 30 days prior to the date of arrival free

Valid: from 8. February until recalled

We reserve the right to change prices! The prices are defined in HUF and already include the value added tax.