Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa offers more!

Have you ever been to Bükfürdő? Now it is really worth choosing us!

Visitors to Bükfürdő have the opportunity from mid September to use the first zone (Medicinal spa) and the second one (Adventure Bath) as one zone at a more favourable price. Guests with children have additional discounts. Now children until the age of 6 can buy a registration ticket for only 100 HUF, which can be spent on the spa’s own products.


The spa, which is located in a 18-hectare area, has 3 different zones: Medicinal Spa, Adventure Bath, Sauna World. Furthermore, it has its Therapy building and a Medical Wellness Center, where in addition to the traditional relaxing treatments, exotic massages and waterbed treatmens can also be tried out.

The life-giving power of the water

The medicinal water in Bükfürdő has a strong therapeutical effect on musculoskeletal diseases, and as a drinking cure on stomach complaints. It must be emphasized that, despite the misconceptions, this water provides healing not only to the elderly, but can also be used for young people in order to prevent disorders. It is primarily recommended for those who are struggling with back pain because of their sitting work. The most effective way of using this water is a course of treatment (1, 2 or 3 weeks), but it may also be beneficial when being in the pool for a short time.

Adventure and recovery at the same time

Not only such people can feel well in Bükfürdő, who would like to heal, but also who want to recover from everyday stress. The indoor pool with the lazy river, jacuzzis and neck shower provide a real refreshment, while the partly covered, four-compartment pool makes possible to enjoy the beautiful sunset from the pool. However, we can’t forget about children – Shark cave which was in 2017 presented and is like a landscape under water, could be a favourite part for the little ones, while the older ones can enjoy 3 indoor slides with light effects.


So why is it worth choosing us in the autumn and winter period?

In the period from 17. September to 15. December 2018 we offer the following services in the combined zone for 500 HUF extra (3 500 HUF) for those guests who bought an entrance ticket to the second zone of the spa for 3 000 HUF:

  • 4 indoor medicinal water pools
  • Aqua Fitness half-covered pool
  • Outdoor medicinal water pool (dependant on weather)
  • Free indoor deck chairs


More information, ticket prices:

Pricelist from 17 September to 15 December


We look forward to welcoming you in Bükfürdő!