3-week rejuvenation program

Our guest participating in the three week’s program becomes acquainted with characteristics of the disease, learns the possibilities, methods of prevention and treatment, becomes acquainted with a customized motion program. He/she participates in balneo-therapeutical stress-relief treatments which will mitigate his/her motion sickness and will create bodily-mental harmony, moreover a refreshing and regenerating experience may also be enjoyable.

Content of the program:

- bone thickness measurement
- medical check-up
- 2 times medical control examination
- 6 times 25 minutes healing massage
- 4 times wellness tube bath
- 13 times traditional medicinal treatment
- 8 times individual remedial gymnastics
- 21 spa daily tickets

*According to the health status and demand of the guest, to be customized.

259 900 HUF

Ask for a date via one of our accessibilities:

+36 94 558 078